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For Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution in Mississippi, Philip W. Gaines is a “Go-To Guy” for attorneys, individuals, businesses, and insurance companies.

I can help you resolve your case fairly and efficiently.

Decades of experience handling legal disputes throughout Mississippi

Achieving Your Goal

I’m Philip W. Gaines, and I know that different people and circumstances call for different approaches. It is not just knowing the fundamental legal tenets for a case, it is also applying them to achieve your goals in the most effective way possible.

As a cornerstone principle, your best position for dealing with any dispute is to operate with maximum strength and credibility. Knowing the nuances of legal disputes and approaches, along with being able to adapt and utilize those creatively, places you in the best standing both to negotiate and to try your case. I can tailor the handling of your case to apply smart and effective strategies in line with your goals and priorities. 

I have three decades of experience advising and representing individuals, insurance companies, professionals, government entities, and businesses from both sides of disputes. I am always prepared to put your best foot forward at trial. I also know what is required to maximize your legal rights. Throughout, my focus is on YOU and YOUR goals.


Resolving Your Case Efficiently, As Your Mediator Or Arbitrator

As a Mediator and Arbitrator, I have been finding fair solutions for parties for three decades. Because of my broad experience and my reputation for being fair, I have earned a great deal of respect with attorneys and claims professionals on both sides of the courtroom. As a Mediator and as an Arbitrator, I am known for helping parties get their disputes resolved in an even-handed manner.

I have tried hundreds of cases, as both a defense and plaintiffs’ attorney. That experience provides insight that is especially valuable for Alternative Dispute Resolution.
I know what works at trial and what doesn’t.
I know what both sides are up to, and why.
I know which arguments are supported by the evidence and the law, and which will likely be ineffective in particular Mississippi trial environments.
You can put that experience to work to fairly resolve your dispute in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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